Aliquam imperdiet purus, tellus

27th February 2020
Don’t think … go with the flow
Changing the terms that have been around for a long time just because some new terms showed up is just about as stupid as changing your […]
27th June 2019
Today is not March 8th, International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about it. Kinda.
5th June 2018
Wait for it …
In this times and age we’re at the place where our attention span is extremely low. Thanks to internet, for the most part. How so?
19th February 2018
Did Napoleon have a Dane-complex?
Last week French born Prince of Denmark H.R.H. Prince Henrik passed away and the following days served as a very good blueprint what the happiest nation […]
13th October 2017
Italian driving is the italian way
Spending the time in Italy as a tourist, one can’t help, but wonder why in the world do the Italians drive so recklessly. And for the […]
17th July 2017
Squeeze the Facebook lemon
Who in the world wants to see the respost of your 3-4 years old post about drinking coffee somewhere close to your home?
3rd May 2017
Master of the tone
He is not my favorite guitarist. His band is not my favorite band. But, there is something about this man’s playing that simply sets him apart […]
13th March 2017
Actions speak louder than words
Over the last few years numerous football players and managers began covering their mouth whenever they speak during the game or training. I guess that they […]
28th February 2017
Through Grunge-colored glasses
It’s funny with trends and their impact. Often they start as some kind of statement or reaction, but as soon as they gain a certain level […]
17th February 2017
The naked truth?
Sex sells. Nothing new about that. It’s always been like that, hasn’t it? But it feels that in these days the statement is beginning to lose […]
7th December 2016
Speak no ill of the dead pricks
Few days ago Danish politician Mogens Camre passed away and as it often is when someone famous dies, a broad spectra of reactions floods the media.
11th September 2016
The test that Trumped them all
The American presidential election is around the corner and focus of the many is on what will happen if republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins and […]
25th July 2016
Le Tour De Farce
The entire doping aspect to professional bicycling makes it hard to take any of it seriously.
11th July 2016
Euro Cup 2016 Finals: And the actual losers are …
The finals of Euro Cup 2016 have reviled several different losers and they as such had nothing to do with the final result of one of the […]
11th June 2016
Slave to the Mild
Today marks 25 years since the release of Skid Row’s landmark album Slave To The Grind, the first heavy metal album to debut on #1 spot […]
8th May 2016
Asshole spotting
Can you define a human being by observing their behaviour from the moment they enter an airport until they leave the airport again?
19th April 2016
For those about to gripe … Axl Balls
Is it complaining if I complain about those who are complaining about AD/DC’s choice of a guest singer for their forthcoming 11 live shows? Is it […]
1st April 2016
An emoji is worth a thousand words?
We talk less, we write more. Sort of. What do you mean with that? Are you being angry? Ironic? Perhaps you meant it in a condescending […]
15th January 2016
There is something rotten in the state of Denmark
19th July 2015
Are you takin’ a piss at me?
So what’s the big deal about putting toilet seat down?  
10th June 2015
Let’s vote to make Denmark more egoistic
General elections are upon us. And generally speaking there isn’t much interesting about them, as the topic-manipulation & everlasting demagogy are as present as ever, and […]
8th May 2015
Ronaldo’s arrogance knows no boundaries
Fuck you for donating 7.000.000 € for those who need it. What, you couldn’t match the 13.500.000 € the entire country of Netherlands donated?
4th November 2014
Proof of interminable quality?
In few days Pink Floyd will release the first new piece of music in 20 years and even before the release the album is breaking records. […]
23rd October 2014
THE way to respond
Jon Super of AP captured that moment in a football game that it so much more than one man’s celebration of a goal. Football is more […]

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