The test that Trumped them all

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25th July 2016
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7th December 2016

The test that Trumped them all

The American presidential election is around the corner and focus of the many is on what will happen if republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins and becomes the next president of USA. But regardless if he wins or loses the election, we are all going to lose.
That much was clear even at the early stage in the presidential race.

The below video created by Keith Olbermann of GQ magazine sums up some of the horrific things republican presidential candidate has said in this rather colourful presidential race. And while these citations might be both funny and horrific at same time one thing is clear – they have helped him to become nominated as a republican presidential candidate for president of USA.

And all that despite (or perhaps because of) his approach and the atrocious statements he has spewed in the public during past year or so Trump has mobilized an enormous amount of Americans, but his approach will also have a huge impact on future presidential races and ordinary political discussions.

Trump’s monstrosities might have dazed a huge number of people, but they have also proven that this kind of approach is acceptable by the masses and as such they became legitimized. By the time the USA will vote again in four-years time, these statements will become more even more acceptable. Even by Trumps opponents, because once we start hearing those words in high-level political duels and statements, they become even more conventional.

Like it or not, once these words are spoken and the person using them is elected as major party candidate for a president of USA, they become slowly, but surely become fairly habitual. Their recurring will make them more acceptable for us all. It’s much like nudity, which nowadays has become as common as sports results. The shock effect wears off. Sure the millions are still disgusted by the horrific statements from a presidential candidate, but they will less so next time around, and time after that.
The danger lies in us growing numb to these statements, because then we’re taking a part in legitimizing them. And growing numb to these aspects of political communication (and communication in general) doesn't neutralize their consequences - they remain real and perhaps gain in strength, because we grow a custom to the rhetoric and fail to recognize these statements as shocking.

And it’s that very fact that that leaves us on the losing side, regardless of the election’s result.There is a tragicomic quality to all this that at times ... does make me smile

Speak The word. The word is all of ous.

- Geoff Tate / Michael Wilton

Photo: Damon Winter / The New York Times