Don’t think … go with the flow

27th June 2019
27th June 2019
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Don't think ... go with the flow

Changing the terms that have been around for a long time just because some new terms showed up is just about as stupid as changing your first-born child’s name just because you got yourself another brat, who by the way you called something completely different.

Assholes are extremely quick to change terms TV and radio with sole purpose of degrading the two media. TV and radio might not have future in same format as they’ve had for ages, which is fine, but changing their names for that purpose is pointless. They are still called TV and radio and the media apparently replacing them are called streaming. No need to all of a sudden call TV and radio for flow-TV and flow-radio. The very nature of these media is that they are flow, that’s why they were needed to be called that.

The media which is taking over is called streaming. The term has nothing to do with terms TV and radio so all of a sudden adding term flow to these is completely pointless. The TV and radio have not changed, and we all know how they work. They work contrarily from streaming, that’s why we’ve came up with a brand-new term for streaming and not used terms TV and radio.

So, to sum it up. So that even pinheads can understand it:

Radio = Radio
Streaming = Streaming

If you want to go deeper here's some more:

TV ≠ Flow TV
Radio ≠ Flow radio
Streaming ≠ Streamed streaming

That’s it. Those are the only terms you need to know and use. No need for additional ones and especially no need to come up with new names for existing terms.