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Master of the tone


He is not my favorite guitarist. His band is not my favorite band. But, there is something about this man’s playing that simply sets him apart from most of the other players.

I’ve been following his band Moonspell for some two decades now and the diversity in approach as well as the steady quality level throughout their releases has kept me interested and constantly hungry for more.

Through Grunge-colored glasses

With my forming years in late 80’s and early 90’s it’s fun to see the impact Grunge movement had, not only on music, but also on the visual aspects of music, for instance the album covers. Oddly the album cover of the album that stated the revolution on a global scale didn’t follow the rules it created.

Tune of the year 2016


As a part of my job each year I have to chose top 10 albums of the year. If making such a list is hard, then choosing a song of the year is Mission: Impossible. So that’s why I decided to make one.

Slave to the Mild


Today marks 25 years since the release of Skid Row’s landmark album Slave To The Grind, the first heavy metal album to debut on #1 spot on Billboard charts. For a moment there the band was on the top of the world  and then,

For those about to gripe … Axl Balls


Is it complaining if I complain about those who are complaining about AD/DC’s choice of a guest singer for their forthcoming 11 live shows? Is it hypocritical to do that? Or is it barely pointing out the double-standards?

Axl Rose is no stranger to getting attention and more often than not,

Nordic La Belle Epoque


They have not changed the face of music with their revolutionary approach to creating music, but they still managed to change my life with their music. And then … then they call it quits!

Scandinavian musical scene was up until ten years ago mostly connected with smash hits from Sweden (ABBA,

The ultimate cult


There are bands that follow you through you entire life, the bands, which in a way play a role in defining your life. These aren’t necessarily the greatest and most revolutionary bands, but rather the bands who besides making some amazing music managed to follow you through the life and in some weird way appear to be making the soundtrack of your life.

Discovering Sleeping Pulse


Once in a while an album comes out that changes your perception of what music as an art form can be. These are the albums that change music and change lives. Debut album from Sleeping Pulse is not one of them.

The Very Gist of Record Store Day


Past weekend was a Record Store Day and I got to experience it in sunny Amsterdam, Holland. It was great, and not even because of the music releases and live performances connected to it. Oh no, it was great because it reminded someone who (kinda) doesn’t need reminding how unique of a concept a record store is.

Steven Wilson: against the so called odds

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It is somewhat peculiar heading over to Steven Wislon’s website and seeing that Deluxe edition of his forthcoming album Hand. Cannot. Erase., is out of stock. Keep in mind that this is a physical music release consisting of such dusty formats as CD,

Beck to (moral) basics

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Yesterday Beck took a Grammy for the album of the year, and while Grammys are basically an irrelevant entity, Beck has proven that he deserves any praise thrown his way.
He has done that not only by creating one great album after another,

Proof of interminable quality?


In few days Pink Floyd will release the first new piece of music in 20 years and even before the release the album is breaking records. Amazon is reporting that Endless River is now the most pre-ordered album in history of the company.