The naked truth?

Speak no ill of the dead pricks
7th December 2016
Through Grunge-colored glasses
28th February 2017
Speak no ill of the dead pricks
7th December 2016
Through Grunge-colored glasses
28th February 2017

The naked truth?


If you are not interested in reading this article, but would rather just see the nude pictures, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Sex sells. Nothing new about that. It’s always been like that, hasn’t it? But it feels that in these days the statement is beginning to lose some of its colossal weight.

Exposure to all forms for nudity has never big as immense as it is now, thanks to continuous pushing of the envelope of the formula that has always proven to work and nonetheless because of the immeasurable development of media and communication.
With a smartphone in our hand we have access to just about anything at anytime and anyplace. And even though we access all that through a tiny 2D screen, we still have access to more than we did ever in our history. It's whole another subject that we often chose that very same tiny 2D screen to experience stuff that's right in front of our very nose.

The digital development has resulted in overexposure on whole new dimensions. Suddenly anyone can share anything with rest of the world. Momentarily.

And taking the nature and reactions the nudity has always had on us humans, it comes as no surprise that the internet and social media, in particular, have become overflown with just that.

What we experience for the first time is new-born stars whose entire celebrity is based on posting sexual content on (for instance) Instagram.

But in 2017 I feel that we’ve come there where “public” nudity is losing its appeal, purpose and mystique. The overexposure just became something you scroll over and move to the next thing. The image of that famous person is not something that will haunt you for months to come. It’s highly disposable, because its value is low due to the overexposure and its impact is of an extremely limited time.

It’s all over the place and I can’t help, but being utterly indifferent about it:

  • "Famous singer shocks by wearing see-through top to the awards ceremony".
  • "Pregnant reality-TV star poses nude".
  • "Famous actor shows off his hot body in a burger commercial".
  • "Millionaire’s daughter’s sextape leaks to the internet".
  • "Sport megastar poses nude for whatever magazine, to get more focus on women in sport".
  • "19-year old student has 1 million followers on Instagram".
  • "Aging model post honest nude photos to show what a model’s body really looks like".
  • "Your Facebook friend posts artistic semi-nude “model” photos".

Who cares anymore? It has become so predictable and there is nothing new, shocking or rebellious about it. These actions are not even raising the eyebrows anymore.

Look, I understand that these people do it for attention and ultimately to make some money off it, and while it’s doubtful if art, sport and alike should be associated with such measures to the sole purpose of making money, it just continues to blow my mind that it actually still does works. To a certain degree, at least. Why else would a pretty teen whose Instagram feed only consists of selfies gain a million(s) of followers. Why else would aging pop stars get back to making sexually changed music videos and photos after trying to step out of all that to be taken seriously.

The other day I accidentally ended up on Facebook page for some singer. She had millions of followers so I guess she was famous in one way or the other. I can’t remember her name (it was one name much like Madonna, Cher etc.), but I do remember that her cover photo was that of her (?) ass. It was a simple close-up of her ass on a white background. Nothing else. I wish I could remember her name so that I can check out her music and see if that’s someone who’s singing about feelings, pain, love and other real-life issues, someone who calls themselves artist and wants to be taken seriously.
When Facebook introduced cover photos their objective was that it was a possibility for the users to upload a photo that generally said something about them. It was more of a wide-spreading photo then typical photos we upload to Facebook every day. More than just a vacation photo or a photo of a meal we just made. In many ways Facebook photo sums us up. This singer, decided to upload a picture of her ass. Think about it.

The digital age has also resulted in piles of people who call themselves photographers thanks to the demand from all the girls who all of a sudden think they have become models, just because some guy with a decant digital camera took “artistic” (semi)nudes of them.

But regardless, it's actually not my intention do go in great depths on why people do this. Is it attention? Money? Mixture of both? Or something else? What I'm trying to understand is that despite the overexposure of the greatest sort, how is it possible that these things are still generating some sort of reactions. Isn't it completely pointless if one of the billions of people who are connected to internet has decided share sexually charged images with the rest of the world?

I mean, what's the big deal? Why in the world would I care that a musician whose music I love has decided to post some "artistic" nudes? Even if they're good-looking? And why in the world would those nudes make the subjects (and their music) more interesting for me then they were to start with?
And why in the world would I all of a sudden care about someone I've never heard of just because they much like gazillion others before them have posted a pregnant nude picture, that is oh-so artistic and respective of their unborn child.

I mean, who the fuck cares!?

The fact that this article is about nudes and there are no picture of nude people in it ... does make me smile.

On a related note:
If you’ve scrolled down in hope to see some nudes, I lied, there are none here. But do yourself a favor and read the text above. By the time you finish and are back to this point, you might not even care about the fact that there are no nudes in this article.


Photo: Pixabay free images