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Today is not March 8th, International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about it. Kinda.
In all its simplicity, the idea behind International Women’s Day was equal rights for women. So basically, equal rights for both genders.
On global scale,

Wait for it …

In 2018 we’re at the place where our attention span is extremely low. Thanks to internet, for the most part. How so? Well, we’re getting blustered by the virtually unlimited amounts of content (text, video, audio, image … etc.) constantly.

Italian driving is the italian way


Spending the time in Italy as a tourist, one can’t help, but wonder why in the world do the Italians drive so recklessly. And for the most part unnecessarily recklessly.

Constant overtaking, regardless of the restrictions, prohibitions and those fine solid lines.

Squeeze the Facebook lemon

The “Memories” function from Facebook is so absurdly lame that it doesn’t even deserve an analysis here. I’ll just settle with pointing out that when you share your memories with your contacts 99 out of 100 times you come across as bored and boring.

The naked truth?

ATTENTION! If you are not interested in reading this article, but would rather just see the nude pictures, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.


Sex sells. Nothing new about that. It’s always been like that,

Speak no ill of the dead pricks

Few days ago Danish politician Mogens Camre passed away and as it often is when someone famous dies, a broad spectra of reactions floods the media. Nonetheless in this age of social media and nonetheless when the person at stake was a politician from the far right wing of the political landscape.

Asshole spotting

Can you define a human being by observing their behaviour from the moment they enter an airport until they leave the airport again? But of course you can!


And what do you know,  look, here comes our subject.



I try to visit USA at least once a year and when I do I often engage in road trips through this impressive country. There is so much to see and there is such a great diversity in different corners of USA.

Let’s vote to make Denmark more egoistic

General elections are upon us. And generally speaking there isn’t much interesting about them, as the topic-manipulation & everlasting demagogy are as present as ever, and my vote was decided long time before the brainwashing campaigns even started.

What I do find disturbingly interesting is the endless line of short interviews that are conducted with people on the streets,