Actions speak louder than words

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28th February 2017
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3rd May 2017

Actions speak louder than words

Over the last few years numerous football players and managers began covering their mouth whenever they speak during the game or training. I guess that they are aware of the all the cameras filming them, so they don't want anyone to be able to read their lips. Oddly they their general behavior on the field often appears as if they are not aware of all the cameras and tens of thousands of people in the crowd.
All the covering the mouth hysteria seems even more absurd when following some of the player's behavior on the field. Falling about in agony of pain and appealing for a penalty, when the opponent didn't even touch them and cameras have documented it, doesn't seem all that important for the very same players.

Examples are many, but Luis Suarez is always a good example. Dude is quick to cover his mouth any time he speaks, but at the same time his behavior on the field is often shameful. And I don't just mean those episodes where he ran around and bite his opponents. His disgraceful behaviour can be spotted most of the time he's on the filed. Think about his behavior in the latest (legendary) clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, when thanks to referee's help Barcelona managed to write history with their 6:1 victory in the second game (after losing 4:0 in the first). It was one of those games that at the same time reminds you why you love the game of football and at the same time reminds you of how much of a immoral and disgraceful behaviour there is in the game of football anno 2017.

So the reasons why these people cover their moth when they speak to each other might be a fear that the opponents could read their lips and unveil their strategy for the given free kick or whatever. I doubt that. Well, it's kinda hard to understand because if some of the opponents did have the skill of reading lips they wouldn't have time to do it or do something with tha newfound information. Things move fast on the field and those few seconds where the players are discussing who's going to take a free kick are simply not enough for the opponent to use for something constructive.
But even if was, then why do they also cover their moth when they are talking to the opponents. I mean, what is that all about? They don't want us to know what kind of monstrosities they are saying to each other? What else could it be? I doubt that it's nice things they are saying to each other and therefore feel they should be hiding them? Perhaps they could just concentrate on playing football and leave the communication with the opponents out?

Regardless, it all seems so trivial, nonetheless taking into consideration all the unfair, deceiving and even malice behaviour the very same players display during the course of a football game. You can't really cover yourself to hide the fact that you are biting the opponent. Or hide the fact that you are aware that you kicked the ball out in the corner, but you protest vividly to the referee. Or rolling about in agony and boundless pain expression on you face, even thou it's crystal clear that the opponent didn't even touch you. You know, cameras filmed the whole thing and they can even replay it in slow motion.

It's hard to see the logic behind the covering of mouth especially when you put it together with the actions on the football filed. The whole thing becomes even more absurd when the players involved are actually extremely skilled football players. And when one of the football clubs who made it their strategy to complain about ANY referee decision that didn't go their way, at the same time is one of the best teams in the world - then the whole thing becomes ugly and sad.

This is in many ways very descriptive of current state of football and that's pity. On the other hand looking at the expression on faces with hands covering their mouth does ... make me smile.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images