Let’s vote to make Denmark more egoistic

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8th May 2015
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19th July 2015

Let's vote to make Denmark more egoistic

General elections are upon us. And generally speaking there isn’t much interesting about them, as the topic-manipulation & everlasting demagogy are as present as ever, and my vote was decided long time before the brainwashing campaigns even started.
What I do find disturbingly interesting is the endless line of short interviews that are conducted with people on the streets, or as something new, the selfie-videos that people shoot themselves and then send it off to media – some call them vedia-whores.

These people are asked to say what they think are the most important issues in this year’s elections. What’s alarmingly staggering is the fact that 9 out of 10 of these “interviews” show people whose arguments for whatever topic they’ve chose as important, is directly connected with them. “I think it’s important that we get more teachers, because I have two children in school …”, I think it’s important that we give more money to small one-man companies, because I have started such a company…”. In most of the cases these views are fired by a strong egoistic feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the importance of ego and I know that we all often focus on ourselves, but I find it tragi-comic that such a big part of our society focuses solely on the issues that directly affect them and that they at the same time even feel that this point of view will sere the society in the whole. Did Napoleon have a Dane anno 2015 complex?

What’s makes the entire dilemma even more bizarre is that last year Denmark was named world’s happiest nation and we all know that the country is one of the riches in the world as well. And that’s something we’re very quick to point in any context. Even in a Coke and Carlsberg commercials.
So if Danes are the happiest nation on earth, how come most of the votes are driven by egoistic urges? If we are so happy how come our decision what to vote, is not driven by wish to help them who are not as happy as we are – poor, mentally ill, refugees, homeless, drug addicts.

It’s a very worrying though if you really think about it and the fact that if we’d help those who really need it, it would help us become happier and it would make our society more balanced, homogeny and even richer .

But even if that’s not the way you want to think, then just ask yourself why does a happiest nation in the world persists to vote based on egocentric needs and not based on helping the ones who are not all that “happy”.

The entire dilemma for sure … did make me smile. For a moment and them it made me worried.


Photo by: Jacob Ehrbahn