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  • Don’t think … go with the flow

    Don’t think … go with the flow

    Changing the terms that have been around for a long time just because some new terms showed up is just about as stupid as changing your first-born child’s name just because you got yourself another brat, who by the way you called something completely different.   Assholes are extremely quick to change terms TV and […]

  • Fashminism


    Today is not March 8th, International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about it. Kinda. In all its simplicity, the idea behind International Women’s Day was equal rights for women. So basically, equal rights for both genders. On global scale, there is still long way to go for women gaining the same rights as men, but […]

  • Tune of the year 2018

    Tune of the year 2018

    If choosing song of the year in 2016 and then again in 2017 has learned me anything is that choosing the song of the year is pain in the ass and it almost certainly comes back to bite you in the ass 🙂 But here we are again. It’s that time of the year and […]

  • Wait for it …

    Wait for it …

    In 2018 we’re at the place where our attention span is extremely low. Thanks to internet, for the most part. How so? Well, we’re getting blustered by the virtually unlimited amounts of content (text, video, audio, image … etc.) constantly. At all times. 24/7/52/365! With an overexposure of such magnitude it gets hard to immerse […]

  • Did Napoleon have a Dane-complex?

    Did Napoleon have a Dane-complex?

    Last week French born Prince of Denmark H.R.H. Prince Henrik passed away and the following days served as a very good blueprint what the happiest nation of Denmark really might be. We’re a small country and we’re rich country. And despite being named happiest nation in the world it seems that there are plenty of […]

  • Tune of the year 2017

    Tune of the year 2017

    Choosing the song of the year is in many ways an impossible task. So that’s why I last year decided to do it. That experience didn’t knock me down, so this year I’ll name the song of the year yet again. So which song did stand out this year, more than any other? Melody, music, […]

  • Italian driving is the italian way

    Italian driving is the italian way

    Spending the time in Italy as a tourist, one can’t help, but wonder why in the world do the Italians drive so recklessly. And for the most part unnecessarily recklessly. Constant overtaking, regardless of the restrictions, prohibitions and those fine solid lines. The honking of the horn and parking that makes no sense at all. […]

  • Squeeze the Facebook lemon

    Squeeze the Facebook lemon

    The “Memories” function from Facebook is so absurdly lame that it doesn’t even deserve an analysis here. I’ll just settle with pointing out that when you share your memories with your contacts 99 out of 100 times you come across as bored and boring. Who in the world wants to see the respost of your […]

  • Master of the tone

    Master of the tone

    He is not my favorite guitarist. His band is not my favorite band. But, there is something about this man’s playing that simply sets him apart from most of the other players. I’ve been following his band Moonspell for some two decades now and the diversity in approach as well as the steady quality level […]

  • Actions speak louder than words

    Actions speak louder than words

    Over the last few years numerous football players and managers began covering their mouth whenever they speak during the game or training. I guess that they are aware of the all the cameras filming them, so they don’t want anyone to be able to read their lips. Oddly they their general behavior on the field […]

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