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Through Grunge-colored glasses

With my forming years in late 80’s and early 90’s it’s fun to see the impact Grunge movement had, not only on music, but also on the visual aspects of music, for instance the album covers. Oddly the album cover of the album that stated the revolution on a global scale didn’t follow the rules it created.

The naked truth?

ATTENTION! If you are not interested in reading this article, but would rather just see the nude pictures, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.


Sex sells. Nothing new about that. It’s always been like that,

Speak no ill of the dead pricks

Few days ago Danish politician Mogens Camre passed away and as it often is when someone famous dies, a broad spectra of reactions floods the media. Nonetheless in this age of social media and nonetheless when the person at stake was a politician from the far right wing of the political landscape.

Tune of the year 2016


As a part of my job each year I have to chose top 10 albums of the year. If making such a list is hard, then choosing a song of the year is Mission: Impossible. So that’s why I decided to make one.

Le Tour De Farce


The entire doping aspect to professional bicycling makes it hard to take any of it seriously. But when one of the biggest media houses in Denmark, TV2, hires one of those dopers as expert during the biggest biking event in the world,

Slave to the Mild


Today marks 25 years since the release of Skid Row’s landmark album Slave To The Grind, the first heavy metal album to debut on #1 spot on Billboard charts. For a moment there the band was on the top of the world  and then,

Asshole spotting

Can you define a human being by observing their behaviour from the moment they enter an airport until they leave the airport again? But of course you can!


And what do you know,  look, here comes our subject.

For those about to gripe … Axl Balls


Is it complaining if I complain about those who are complaining about AD/DC’s choice of a guest singer for their forthcoming 11 live shows? Is it hypocritical to do that? Or is it barely pointing out the double-standards?

Axl Rose is no stranger to getting attention and more often than not,