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I try to visit USA at least once a year and when I do I often engage in road trips through this impressive country. There is so much to see and there is such a great diversity in different corners of USA.

One thing that catches my attention every time I’m over there is the fact that regardless of where in USA one is, the teenagers have this odd tendency of putting world “like” in just about every sentence – sometimes even few times in the same sentence.

I know it’s basically slang, but what I wonder about is do these kids do the same when writing to each other on … whatever they use for written communication. Seriously do they?

I’ve recently entered the fifth decade of my life, but I do remember being teenager and I do remember that we too spoke differently from our parents, but I don’t recall using a word so much without it adding anything to sentence and communication in general.

But nevermind, I don’t understand it, just like my parents couldn’t understand that I’d rip holes my new jeans on purpose and walk around like that.

I do however wonder if teenagers use the word “like” as much in written communication as they do in face-to-face communication.

Like, the idea of them doing like just that, totally … made me like smile.